Are brokered conventions possible?

Today is Sunday the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day. So Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

Last night’s circular firing squad known also as the GOP Debates, was another in a long—seeming never ending—series of shouting matches. Rubio has been noted to be the winner, but I suspect that to be simply a reaction to most of the others. Cruz and Trump managed to engage in an argument, JEB! and Trump managed to get into an argument, Rubio and Trump managed to get into an argument, albeit Rubio was the class of that set to…little time was spent debating the issues (you remember them: immigration, the economy, education, the infrastructure…stuff like that) and a lot was spent in accusation, counter-accusation and counter-counter-accusation.  Rubio for the most part—and wisely so—stayed out of it, remained calm, quiet and dare I say it, reserved.

JEB! cited Trump for constantly belittling his family, Trump responded by spewing out further insults (that’s just part of his so-called charm) Carson—he’s the black guy on the stage, the one almost as famous as Jim Gillmore—repeatedly told people to check his web site for the full story on his positions and his plans for being “the first really black” president. He did not get into a fight with “the Donald”. I would guess this can be put down to the fact that Carson at 5% poses no threat to Donald. Kasich too stayed out of the line of fire, and repeatedly brought up the fact that they and the GOP should be focusing on issues, not beating each other up. In the political entropy that has become the 2016 primary season, this is great leadership. Kasich, while sharing most politicians penchant for telling you what they want you to hear, despite the question asked, was, in my estimation, the most reasoned and reasonable candidate on the stage.

While the punches in the Democratic Primary are becoming more pronounced, they’re not yet at the bare knuckle stage that has marked the Republican Debate through this crazy season. I say not yet because while I believe the two Dem’s to be classier people than all of the GOP candidates in accumulation, they also both want to be President. Want it so much one can also see them choosing Presidential plate ware already.

I can easily see, both parties having contested, aka brokered, conventions, kind of a throwback to the 50’s/60’s style of politics that was ever so entertaining and ever so removed from the people who vote. I’m not at all convinced that’s a good thing.

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