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Mary Margaret Maule for County Board

I wanted to thank everyone for coming to what was a tremendously successful event last Thursday. Thank you so very much. 

I decided to run for county board because I believe that order to have the community you desire- you need to show up and do you part. Sometime, you just need to show up and pick up the rope and pulling to bring your dream of community into a reality. I believe in a community where everyone has the opportunity to live up to their greatest potential  and where we as  community benefits from that potential. A community where small businesses have the tools necessary to build strong vibrant companies and hire their neighbors. A community that cares for those who need help and helps them to rebuild and become a part of that vibrant community.

 A community that recognizes the sacrifices of those who have fought for our country and come home to find themselves still fighting for jobs and services. A community where workers can expect a fair wage for a honest days work and where people know the quality of that work because of the training and oversight of organized labor.

 We are facing a critical election this November. Despite the public dialogue about wanting new voices on the county board– our county again is facing the potential of more of the same.  

I believe we have every thing we need to be that county right here and right now. We have the skills amongst us to build businesses and put our citizens back to work and ourselves back on the path to a bright future.

But it won’t happen with more of the same. It won’t happen unless we make it happen. Unless we, together, convince our neighbors and get them out to vote.  To become involved in the future of their county by choosing to say “NO!” to more of the same and Yes to the people of our community. 

Thank you for your support. I truly appreciate it. 

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Amanda Howland For Senate

To all my McHenry Friends:

I am honored to have the endorsements of Personal Pac and Planned Parenthood. I have always championed women's rights and I am happy to have the support of these two groups for the upcoming election. We are on the edge of losing all that we fought so hard for. I will work hard to keep that from happening.

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Florida Debate Re-dumb

So...this is the best, and the brightest the GOP can come up with? God save the Republic.

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Debate? Hardly

      JFK and Richard Nixom must be spinning like runaway ferris wheels in their graves. Their debate-the first televised-was stirring, marking distinctions in policies and vision. Last night was one of the best things even invented to put someone to sleep. I've been more excited watching the weather channel.

      Nothing new was added to the political debte last  night. It was a repitition of policy and charges against each other.

       I'm not altogether certain that Newt Gingrich was awake through the debate, and with the exception of Romney,  I'm not certain the others were either.  Certainly the audience was somnolent. There was little fo the usual applause for positions or perceived points scored. They seemed to be in deep hypnosis. All considered the word BORING, jumps to mind.

      Ron Paul, please develop a coherent message, Santorum...for God's sake this is NOT a referencum on abortion. Learn to be inclusive dude. Newt, perhaps you should take a nap before the debate on Tuesday and Mitt? Loosen up man. You might want to learn to relax a bit man.   Just sayin'.....

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NH as it looms

      First off, I apologize to everyone who took exception to what I wrote on my facebook page. All of the phone calls, all of the e-mails and the people who visited my apartment, you were all right. I was irritated by the attorney who wants to overturn the conviction of one of Blago's co-conspirators and, as sometimes happens, I typed before I thought.My apologies, no public official I know is in any way, shape or form, deserving of that.

      So...Mitt has his stunning over the top 8 vote victory in Iowa. I suspect Michelle Bachman's husband, Marcus,regrets  shopping for sunglasses for their dog-yes, honestly-rather than working for votes. Which could also explain the entire campaign for Bachman, I'm not sure.

     Yesterday, I ventured that Santorum will win NH. Well, I've been reading more polls and I think Romney will take NH as well. I think the margin will be bigger than 8 votes-how's THAT for a daring prediciton?-but Santorum will come in somewhere around thrid place. I see very little hope for Gingrcih or Ron Paul.

      Romney seems to me to be "Mc Cain lite." If that's what the GOP is planning to run on this will be a very interesting election. We can watch those debates with a sharply piqued interest. Romney will be a far more accomplished debater than McCain and as an extra added attraction, his health care plan for Massachusetts is almost a mirror image of the national health care plan passed by Congress. Romney has baggage, as we all do, but then we're not running for the highhest office in the land. The big difference here for Santorum is the fact that NH has fewer evangelists in it than Iowa does. While the state's GOP voters are conservative, the question is will they be conservative enough to vote for Santorum. We shall see....Dan



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News from Iowa and other ripples in the time-space continuum

In the event you've not heard, Mitt Romney,after spending enough to clear the national debt and restore Bill Clinton's gift of the surplus, took Iowa by 8 whopping votes. Rather redolent of "W" claiming his re-election was a madate. John McCain was seen squeezing him tightly. Last time around, McCain wanted to squeeze him until he passed out. I'm spitballin' here, but my guess is Santorum takes NH-though I do think Mitt will take the nomination. Michelle Bachman-well, thank God and Greyhound she's gone-oh, sorry, she's only SUSPENDED her campaign. Whatever!

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Iowa and other strange ripples in the time-space continuum case you've not heard, Romney, after spending nearly enough to pay off the national debt won in Iowa. It was a resounding victory of 8 "W"s mandate of his re-election. Now, I'm guessin' that NH will give their nod to Santorum. God, how I love to watch the GOP maneuver. It's my opinion, and only my opinion, but I think Romney is going to take this. I noticed McCain hugging him the other day. Last time around he wanted to squeeze the life outta the guy.--Dan

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Candidate Filings

Ballotopedia has a comprehensive list of all candidates who have filed for Illinois House of Representatives here:,_2012

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To all Members: There is a newly formed 64th Representative District

Alert::::::: We now have Barb Wheeler running for the position for our Representative.  If you live in Spring Grove and Richmond 4 we are now in this district.  We are no longer in Jack Franks District the 63 If you don't know what district you live in. You can call me I have a new map.  8155306173.  There was a person seeking to run but not sure if she still plans to or not.  Her name is Amanda Howland, she is a lawyer and child advocate from Lake Zurich.  If you know her, let me know if she is still running. Please

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Terry R. Kappel Ending County Board Campaign

Due to lack of sufficient support amongst the local Democratic Party for my candidacy, as well has my own health issues, I decided yesterday not to file petitions I'd collected for the purpose of running for county board in the 6th District. I would like to thank those who did offer support and encouragement, and particularly those who made financial contributions to my campaign.

  Unfortunately, as I proceeded with my campaign I found support for my efforts to be less then adequate to the task I had wished to dedicate myself towards. I will hope to contribute my time and efforts in support of the other candidates who did file, and in promoting Democratic values and the issues believe in.

 In the coming days I will consider what to do with the money remaining in my campaign fund, and the unused materials. For further information contact:

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