Congressional and State Legislature maps

McHenry County now includes parts of two Congressional districts: IL-10 and IL-14. The county also includes parts of Illinois State Senate districts 26, 32 and 33, and all or part of Illinois State Representative districts 52, 63, 64, 65 and 66.

Congressional and state legislature district boundaries are redrawn every 10 years, after the Federal census, in order to rebalance them to account for changes in population. You can click on the map below to view the interactive district finder provided by the State Board of Elections.


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  • Please step up and support the efforts of Oakwood Hills and surrounding communities in stopping the efforts of Enventure Partners and Northland who want to build a power plant in the Village of Oakwood Hills. Republican state Representative David McSweeney and Republican state Senator Dan Duffy publicly announced their opposition to the building of this plant. As a proud Democrat I hope the McHenry County Democratic state representative’s would join the republican’s in opposition of this proposed power plant. Your constituents need to see non-partisan cooperation in the fight against this plant.
  • No matter how many times I have installed Silverlight on my MacBook Pro, I cannot get into this map. Does anyone else have this problem?