County Board Committees

The vast majority of substantive work done by the County Board happens in committee. These committees usually meet several times a month, and each committee has at least one member from each of the six County Board districts.

If you have a interest in the work any of these committees does, we hope you will consider attending their meetings. We are especially interested in having your attendance (and feedback) at any of the committees where there are no Democratic members.

The County Board does most of its substantive work at the committee level. Whether it's road construction, watershed protection or social services allocations, the discussions and decisions made by these committees affect everyone who lives in McHenry County. Public oversight of this work is critical to improving our quality of life. Don't let the “good old boys” who run this county make decisions for you. Show up and be heard!

Go to County Website for details.


Finance & Audit

2nd & 4th Tuesday at 9:30am

Passes all matters involving money up to the board (most have gone through other committees already) MCEDC & McHenry County Convention & Visitors Bureau final stop for budget formation before it goes to county board

Democratic representation: none


Planning & Development

1st & 3rd Thursday at 8:30am

P & D Department, Zoning Board of Appeals, Historic Preservation, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), developing UDO (Unified Development Ordinance) 

Democratic representation: none



1st & 3rd Wednesday at 8:15am

McDOT, township road districts, CMAP, IDOT, RTA, METRA, PACE   

Democratic representation: none


Management Services

1st & 3rd Monday at 8:30am

Overall management of county facilities and property, purchasing, Information Technology, revision of County Board Rules   

Democratic representation: none


Public Health & Human Services

2nd & 4th Wednesday at 8:30am

Matters pertaining to Health Department, Regional Superintendent of Schools, Valley Hi, Veterans Assistance, Senior Services Grant Commission, 708 Mental Health Board, Workforce Network and Workforce Investment Board

Democratic representation: none


Law & Justice

1st Monday at 8:15am

Sheriff, Courts, State’s Attorney, Emergency Management Agency, Coroner, Fox Waterway Agency recommend appointments for some Fire Districts

Democratic representation: none


Liquor & License Committee

1st Monday at 10am

Manage Liquor Control Ordinance, coin-operated machines (gaming part of this), raffles

Democratic representation: none


Legislative & Intergovernmental Affairs

2nd Thursday at 8:30am

Develop and monitor state and federal legislative program, foster intergovernmental cooperation, with Management Services oversee communication program with residents

Democratic representation: none


Human Resources

2nd Tuesday at 8:15am

Human resources = all people employed by the county Collective bargaining Compensation is biggest part of county budget, hence this is a very important committee  

Democratic representation: none


Natural & Environmental Resources

3rd Monday at 8:30am

Recommends appointments to MCCD, involved in Water Resources and Stormwater Management, ACE (Agricultural Conservation Easement), “stewardship for matters pertaining to environmental issues/concerns” which is an ever-transforming subject for the county

Democratic representation: none


Stormwater Commission

4th Wednesday of every other month at 7:30am

This commission is comprised of both county board members and representatives from municipal governments in McHenry County.

Democratic representation: none


Building Projects & Pollution Control Facility Committees

Ready to spring into action when needed – but haven’t been needed in the last few years


This is meant to be a descriptive, not definitive, comment on county board committees.  More information can be found in the County Board rules at:  

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