A Bad, bad, BAD Cable TV show that should be ended as soon as possible

      Donald Trump has once again lowered the bar where human decency and good taste is concerned.    Trump has called the members of various football teams who knelt or failed to stand during the national anthem "sons-of-bitches" and demanded that the owners summarily fire them and as an extra added attraction suggested strongly that everyone boycott the NFL. Good luck with that, Lil, Donnie. It would seem to me that if you call someone a "son-of-a-bitch" that reflects directly on their parentage. I'm not sure that's a good idea for a president who thinks a 43% approval rating is something to cheer about.Those are voters too, Lil, Donnie and I feel fairly safe in sayin' you just lost a good percentage of them.

      I recognize this as a diversionary tactic; a move to draw attention away from the Russian probe which seems to grow broader by the hour(not that I'm complaining--cuz I'm not) and the sense that while he may be able to pardon lots of people that power doesn't extend to himself.  Trump is, ONCE AGAIN embarrassing the nation, our allies and potential allies. He's giving aid and comfort to our enemies(Does ANYONE think PM UN is afraid of this clown?)and turning the Presidency of this Great Republic into a badly written, directed and produced, low budget cable show. It's time for him to go--the sooner the better. The greater problem here is that the Congress is led by two men who go far beyond being spineless. Unicell organisms have more spine than McConnell and Ryan. The House of Rep's must initiate impeachment proceedings(like Boot-licker Ryan is going to allow THAT to happen) and Impeachment is tried in the Senate Chamber--same as above for McConnell. Sadder still, this is not a cable show whose sponsors we can boycott.--Dan

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