Debate? Hardly

      JFK and Richard Nixom must be spinning like runaway ferris wheels in their graves. Their debate-the first televised-was stirring, marking distinctions in policies and vision. Last night was one of the best things even invented to put someone to sleep. I've been more excited watching the weather channel.

      Nothing new was added to the political debte last  night. It was a repitition of policy and charges against each other.

       I'm not altogether certain that Newt Gingrich was awake through the debate, and with the exception of Romney,  I'm not certain the others were either.  Certainly the audience was somnolent. There was little fo the usual applause for positions or perceived points scored. They seemed to be in deep hypnosis. All considered the word BORING, jumps to mind.

      Ron Paul, please develop a coherent message, Santorum...for God's sake this is NOT a referencum on abortion. Learn to be inclusive dude. Newt, perhaps you should take a nap before the debate on Tuesday and Mitt? Loosen up man. You might want to learn to relax a bit man.   Just sayin'.....

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