Government Shutdown

       The following is an excerpt from the 10 August 2017, Politico. All comments following the link belong to yours truly.---Dan

LET'S MAKE A DEAL - The White House is looking to make a deal to avert a government shutdown this fall. The offer? White House officials would agree to lift the spending caps long opposed by Democrats in exchange for border wall funding. "Marc Short, the White House's director of legislative affairs, met with top staffers from both parties on the Senate Appropriations Committee last week to make a hard sell for the proposal," Seung Min, Rachael and Bres scoop. Trump has insisted he won't back off his request for border wall funding this time around - even if it means shutting down the government. But Democrats show no signs of relenting in their opposition, calling wall funding a "poison pill." More:

      Okay, so the Trumpenfurher wants his wall and he doesn't care about the consequences. Oh, how like him--it's little Donnies way or the highway? Fine, I'll take the highway. As a carrot he offers to lift the spending caps the Dem's have opposed but in return he wants funding for his wall. The stick? He's willing to shut down the government. Okay, go ahead. We remember what happened when Ted Cruz shut things down, that did the GOP a world of good, huh? They lost a ton of seats then, so if the Donald shuts down things now while the Russia collusion investigation heats up it can only cause his popularity numbers to fall below even the 33% reported by CNN last week. At some point the Congress will have to come to realize their political survival depends on how far they let this man go in destroying this Great Republic, in which we are so fortunate to live. At what point does the conservative agenda being pushed by Trump become more destructive than (in his view) corrective?  The late Paul Wellstone (D) Senator,  Minnesota once said that the purpose of politics is not power, not raising money but to improve peoples lives (Something I believe is an excellent summary of the Obama Presidency)and that purpose seems to have eluded this Congress.

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