In MY opinion,

It could be me, I suppose, but I don't see Donald J. Trump receiving a back-slapping welcome on his overseas junket.

He's viewed as too chummy with Putin by those in NATO -- a group he has consistently bad-mouthed, even after admitting he didn't "know much about NATO," saying it should be dissolved because it was obsolete. Many nations in Europe depend on NATO for collective defense against Russia's very aggressively minded Vladimir Putin. Then of course, there's the fact of telling the Russians that the firing of that "nut bag," Comey, relieved some of the pressure on himself over an ongoing Russia-Trump FBI investigation which seems to underscore his involvement in that matter.

Trump threw enough missiles into Syria to wake the native Syrians without damaging the airport they were aimed at, but not before first calling Putin to warn him the "attack" was coming.  This causes him to be seen as a man who will start a war to improve sagging personal approval ratings. Added to all of those things, he has a Congress which has been increasingly reluctant to defend him and a minority Democratic Party licking its chops like a starving Kodiak Bear.

But the BESTEST of all the visits will be on his second stop: Israel. The highly classified Intel he so willingly surrendered to the Russians? That was provided by Israel. Intelligence work is and of necessity must be covert. This intel was not intended to be shared with people who many in the world see as a major aggressive threat in and to their region. If Israel wanted the Russians to have access to this intel, they' d have told them through diplomatic channels. Somehow, I don't see this as the high point of the trip for him either.  

I've a profound respect for the Presidency of the United States of America, just as I have an abiding love of this nation, but nowhere have I seen evidence of any kind of love for anything outside of himself from the current occupant of the White House. According to the online mag, "The Hill," Trump's WH lawyers are consulting with other lawyers who specialize in Impeachment proceedings (How big can THAT group be?). That's a glaring sign that the WH is worried. I don't see Trump being impeached, I hold out the hope that he'll choose resignation as an alternative to creating more dissention in the nation and among our allies.

Again, all of the above, unless so indicated is MY opinion.  


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