NH as it looms

      First off, I apologize to everyone who took exception to what I wrote on my facebook page. All of the phone calls, all of the e-mails and the people who visited my apartment, you were all right. I was irritated by the attorney who wants to overturn the conviction of one of Blago's co-conspirators and, as sometimes happens, I typed before I thought.My apologies, no public official I know is in any way, shape or form, deserving of that.

      So...Mitt has his stunning over the top 8 vote victory in Iowa. I suspect Michelle Bachman's husband, Marcus,regrets  shopping for sunglasses for their dog-yes, honestly-rather than working for votes. Which could also explain the entire campaign for Bachman, I'm not sure.

     Yesterday, I ventured that Santorum will win NH. Well, I've been reading more polls and I think Romney will take NH as well. I think the margin will be bigger than 8 votes-how's THAT for a daring prediciton?-but Santorum will come in somewhere around thrid place. I see very little hope for Gingrcih or Ron Paul.

      Romney seems to me to be "Mc Cain lite." If that's what the GOP is planning to run on this will be a very interesting election. We can watch those debates with a sharply piqued interest. Romney will be a far more accomplished debater than McCain and as an extra added attraction, his health care plan for Massachusetts is almost a mirror image of the national health care plan passed by Congress. Romney has baggage, as we all do, but then we're not running for the highhest office in the land. The big difference here for Santorum is the fact that NH has fewer evangelists in it than Iowa does. While the state's GOP voters are conservative, the question is will they be conservative enough to vote for Santorum. We shall see....Dan



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