Trump Impeachment calls

 Personally I think it's too early to call for his impeachment. An idea I think would be DOA in the Republican dominated House. If Trump were  to be impeached AND convicted, here is the short list of his successors. It ain't pretty.  VP; Speaker of the House, President Pro-Tem of the Senate; the Secretary of State; Sec of Treasury; Sec of Defense;and the Attorney General. If we reach the point where the Secretary of State is placed in charge of the nation, we are in very deep trouble. Pence, while the darling of the Evangelicals, is, in MY estimation very weak as a leader; Ryan would be one disaster falling upon another, day after day--judging by the first Health Care vote, he's very ineffective.; the President Pro-Tem is Orrin Hatch. Hatch as been around since the beginning of the Republic I think. He's sharp and knows the Senate well. He would be an interesting man to watch. Most of this, of course, hinges on the Russia Investigation, something Trump obsesses more daily with each news story. It's gonna be...interesting.

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