Yes We Can!

The shutdown debacle that just happened in our country has done a lot of damage and should never be allowed to happen again and we can do something about it. Get charged up now. Democrats have the momentum right now to break the cycle. Local political action is essential to sustain this momentum, but it takes effort. It takes time and patience. Grass roots activism is the most powerful way to get small 'd' democracy back into the hands of We The People again. Get involved. Learn the issues that directly affect you and your neighbors. We need seats on the McHenry County Board. Decisions made here DO affect us.  McHenry County has 3 candidates for County Board seats: incumbents Nick Chirikos Dist 1 and Paula Yensen Dist 5, and challenging for a seat is Kathy Bergan Schmidt Dist 3. These are very important seats. If we want a say in what happens here, we need to do what we can to get these candidates on the Board.

The right wing shenanigans on the national level highlight the need for change on the local level and present us with an opportunity to favorably contrast our candidates and platforms against local far right agendas. Donate your time, donate your experience, donate what money if you can to get our House back and restore sanity to this country, one county at a time. We can take the House of Representatives as well this next cycle. We have candidate Dennis Anderson in the 14th running against Randy Hultgren, the far far right Heritage Foundation, John Birch Society, Tea Party republican. It's guys like Hultgren that got our country into the mess it's in now. We just can't take it any more. Dennis Anderson can win this, but he needs our help to get him to Washington. If you can donate your time, your feet for walking and knocking on doors, your phone to make calls, your expertise or your money, or all of the above, then contact him and let him know you are willing and able to assist in any way you can.

We also need Precinct Committeemen right now. We need boots on the ground to get our message out. If you know anyone who wants to be part of the solution and has the time and desire, contact, via this site, any of the District Chairs. Spread the word. That's how it's done. We have 1 year to do this and YES WE CAN.

For National House seats that we can take back, and we need 17, please check out this site.

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