Let’s Bern the House Down!

Right now according to Politico, yesterday the Bern has 1004 delegates to Hillary Clinton's 1712 delegates. According to my calculator that gives Hillary Clinton a 708 delegate advantage. Enter the super delegates. (A super delegate is one who is seated automatically and votes for whomsoever they choose.

Pledged delegates, chosen in primaries, are bound to their candidate for at least the first ballot at the convention. Super delegates include party leaders and elected officials, such as Democratic members of the House and Senate, and Democratic Governors. Still others are chosen during the primaries.)

Right now, Hillary is leading in the number of super delegates. Sanders is — as mentioned above — 708 behind her. He is, by his own admission actively wooing her delegates over to his side. No answer yet on how successful he's been. Now, for the sake of argument, let's say Bernie wins the nomination and the general election.  His agenda is one of idealism, economic equality and social justice. Hillary's is much the same on a slightly different plane. Her plans would go in a more incremental fashion.

But none of that would matter to the newly elected president. Without a radical change in the Senate leadership and an even greater change in the House membership and governmental philosophy, we can expect the same Fabian, obstructionist and blatantly unconstitutional tactics we've seen for the last seven years — regardless of the name of the Democratic President.

It's time to change the Senate composition (vote for Tammy Duckworth!) and that of the House as well (VOTE DEMOCRATIC !!!). In short, it's time to take back our country.

Please, as a favor to yourself, your children, their children and your descendants until the end of days, vote. Get out and vote and take your family and friends with you. Make sure they vote as well. VOTE.

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