Mormons: no Trump lovers

Donald Trump, aka,"the Donald" is not a man with whom I would want any particular association. Apparently neither does the overwhelming majority of Mormons in Utah.

According to Buzzfeed, the Donald is going to get his butt handed to him in Tuesday's primary elections? The LDS (Latter Day Saints) do not seem to like the man any more than most of the rest of us like him. Who's going to beat him? Well, it's not the delusional governor of Ohio, John Kasich, who would need to win 116% of the remaining delegates to win but Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz. Yes, that same Ted Cruz who says to all delegates who no longer have viable candidates “we welcome you with open arms” is now going to try again to derail the Trump-train.

Working on the assumption—just for one wildly delirious moment—that a so-called “open convention” were to give the nomination to Cruz, we would go from a candidate no one really cares for to one, well, one no one really cares for. Teddy has been endorsed by Rick Perry, himself a failed candidate, by a group with the unlikely name of “Tea Party Patriot Citizens Fund; an ultra-conservative group which has finally managed to get around to endorsing a presidential candidate. This group of “patriots” whose sole function seems to be to reduce the size of the government and reducing taxes—both noble if impractical goals—has found their one true love in the person of the transplanted Canadian.

Personally, I don’t care who the GOP (Grand Obstructionist Party) nominates. If it’s Donald, Sanders or Clinton can beat him (or so the polls show) if it’s Cruz, my cat Bogart (aka Bogie) can beat him. Still, hubris can be a very dangerous thing. Most all all, we must at every opportunity, get out the vote. Get out the vote and cast your own ballot for an intelligent future, not one filled with (Donald)abstract statements having no connection with reality or (Teddy-boy) one in which the ultra-right-wing Christian leaders have the reins. Just a note: the last time we allowed religious leaders to dominate our government, people were burned as witches. Just sayin’…

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