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  • It’s a painful and pain filled scene to witness, that much is certain. The price of their support in the time required to process families and individuals medically, find them jobs, shelter—temporary and permanent—all the while trying to discretely determine which are true immigrants and which are the trouble makers seeking a way into a nation of samaritans…THAT would seem to be a closer criteria the true cost of allowing the refugees into your country. Yet…how does a nation turn away people who are running from the type of government from which they seek asylum. The US did it to a steamliner full of Jews in WWII and it’s been to our everlasting shame—a shame approximating slavery, since—in my view—we sent them back to become slaves and detainees in POW camps. Germany has led the way in this effort to their credit, but now even the Bonn government has to be asking how long and how many more can we take. The moral issue is clear cut. Can a nation in good conscience turn away people this desperate? This is not a single boat load of football fans sad because their team lost, these are people seeking a life, a better life for themselves and their families. It breaks the heart….