Stop Sheriff Prim from hiring criminals

Sheriff Prim must replace Matt McNamara, his deputy chief of patrol with a criminal background that includes assault and DUI.

After being in office just a few weeks, Prim has chosen to hire disgraced ex-police officer Matt McNamara as his deputy chief of patrol. McNamara is a convicted criminal, with a record of assault against women, drunken driving and making false statements to a police officer. Prim and McNamara both left the Des Plaines Police Department under unusual scrutiny. Now McNamara has been hired to fill one of the most important law enforcement positions in the county.

mcnamara.jpgIn 2001, McNamara was convicted of assault in Iowa. The arrest reports and written victim testimony show that he choked one man, beat two women, and dragged another woman by the hair across a parking lot. All of this happened in one night during a series of bar fights at several locations.

In Arizona in 2012, McNamara was arrested for DUI with a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit. In an attempt to avoid arrest he falsely claimed to be a Chicago police officer.

McNamara is barred from working as a law enforcement officer in Iowa because of his criminal conviction, but he managed to find work doing security for conservative politicians such as Newt Gingrich and Bruce Rauner. McNamara was released by Rauner after his campaign learned of McNamara's criminal history.

In light of these facts, why did Sheriff Prim hire McNamara? It's simple political payback. McNamara was Prim's campaign manager. It's clear Bill Prim would rather take care of his political buddies than respect the citizens who depend on him to exercise good judgement.

McNamara's hiring jeopardizes the integrity of local law enforcement and threatens the safety of all citizens in McHenry County. If Bill Prim won't fire McNamara, then Prim himself is unfit to hold the office of Sheriff.

Sign this petition if you agree Sheriff Prim must terminate Matt McNamara from his position as deputy chief of patrol.

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  • Sign the petition: Stop Sheriff Prim from hiring criminals
  • Sign the petition: Stop Sheriff Prim from hiring criminals
  • Is it wise to have a felon as deputy chief of patrol? I might be less inclined to call the sheriff for help for fear that the cure ( McNamara) might be worse than the disease, some poor slob with no malice in his heart who wants spare cash. The deputy chief of patrol is a known felon with a propensity for violence.
  • Hiring criminals seems par for the course in this county.
  • Agreed. Primm is unfit to be a moral or ethical compass for the citizens of McHenry County. You are who you surround yourself with.