The Donald’s Other Headache

The ongoing headache of the Russian collusion investigation became a migraine for Donald Trump Sr. last night. His son, Donald J.Trump Jr. spilled the beans by publicly displaying his "chain of emails" from an acquaintance in Russia inviting him to a meeting with a person alleged to be a "Russian government lawyer" to discuss incriminating evidence about Hillary Clinton. If you don't believe this reporter, pick up any newspaper you like, the story will more likely than not be there. Aside from the obvious problems this presents an already acrimonious White House, one has to wonder how it will affect the remainder of the Trump agenda.

Donald Trump has occupied the White House for 6 months and in that time his only major achievement has been the successful nomination of a Supreme Court justice. Now, with the revised health care bill coming up one is left to wonder how those members of the Senate eligible for reelection in 2018, are going to react to a wildly unpopular health bill. In the political calculation of the oncoming campaign, those members who choose to run for reelection must wonder just how popular is the GOP brand going to be as well as how much damage is attached to the fact of Trump being president. Are they going to be willing to stick their political necks out far enough to risk having them cut off?

Mitch McConnell is holding the Senate over for 11 days to work on the GOP agenda. Since McConnell and Ryan control the party purse strings they have an advantage over some of their members who need the kind of heavy duty financial backing available from the Republican Party funds. Whether or not McConnell will use that funding for leverage remains to be seen but there is little doubt in this reporter's mind that he intends to do exactly that. Still, even in politics, money can only do so much. As has been seen in numerous Town Hall meetings, the voting public in this great republic has it's own ideas about how it wants to be served politically. And so it goes…

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  • You also have to remember Cathy, that Ryan is spineless. He has in one way or another bent over backwards to insure the Trumpenfurher gets his way. It was an act of embarrassing hubris that led the Head Tangerine to have a garden party for the passing of the health care bill out of the House. I doubt Trump knew it had to be approved in the Senate as well. The Senate is equally deficient in leadership. Now, the House and Senate are face with a man who is becoming increasingly unhinged—in my estimation—and whose every Tweet, every speech, every waking utterance seems to be action taken to deflect Bob Mueller from investigating some part of his campaign or his family finances,family ties with Russia or their general conduct of financial affairs. Russia is and has been our enemy since Stalin took over the country. Trump in his ignorance of our history(and his historic ignorance) as well as that of the international scene is not only tragic, it is exceedingly dangerous.
  • Dan, your comments were written less than a week ago and the list of Russian connections is growing by the day. I just wonder how big that list needs to be before the Republican House and Senate actually do something about the situation. Russia is our enemy. They attacked us having a lasting effect on our electoral process. I suspect the Republicans are reluctant to step up and call Trump and his family and friends for their collusion because they will not be able to push for their ridiculous anti-Obama agenda. It’s really just sad.