The Thomas Jefferson Dinner

The Democratic Party of McHenry County is growing in strength every day thanks to people just like you. If you're tired of shouting at your TV and want to actually do something to make a difference, please support local democracy by attending the 2012 Thomas Jefferson Dinner on Saturday, April 14. Click here for event details and to purchase tickets.

Jefferson_Portrait_cropped.jpgWe Democrats believe that government should be honest, transparent, and available to all citizens. But in McHenry County, the Republican Party has monopolized control over local government for 150 years, resulting in a cynical network of power that only benefits the well-connected. It's no wonder voters have become skeptical of the value of local government.

Just a few years ago, the Democratic Party of McHenry County began to chip away at one-party rule for the first time in decades. Well-qualified Democratic candidates won election to municipal and County Board positions. A few years later, state-wide and national Democratic candidates began to win majorities in McHenry County.

For every success, we've had disappointments, but the outloook for the future is bright. We invite you to attend our monthly meetings and get involved in true grassroots politics.

America is about new beginnings — learning from our failures and trying again until we get it right. Your voice, your ideas, and your energy can help us do just about anything if we work together. The videos posted on this page are a reflection of the principles of the Democratic Party and the enduring spirit of the American people.

Click here for event details and to purchase tickets.

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