Trump's taxes

Maybe it's just my native cynicism, but it seems to me that if "the Donald" thought for a moment that releasing his tax returns could help him, they'd be out there in "the biggest, the best, the brightest" forum imaginable. As it is, I'm more inclined to believe the outburst on ABC in an interview with George Stephanopolis. Pressed to provide a more reasonable explanation than being under audit, and reminded that the IRS has stated that he can indeed release them right now, Trump was again asked what his tax rate was. At first he claims ignorance of the number but finally blurts out, "It's none of your business."(

Well, Donald if you want to lead my country, it is my business. The Clintons have revealed their taxes for over 33 'bout it Donald? Too many investments in those countries you say are going to "have to pay" or just too many investments in foreign countries? You're not really a billionaire? You've lots of company.  Or is it, your tax rate per se?

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