What the words, “I don’t trust Hillary” really mean (and why it may cost her the nomination)

We’ve all heard it. We’ve heard it from our friends. We hear it from young women being interviewed at entrance and exit polls. Many of us don’t trust Hillary. Even those of us who will enthusiastically support her, should she be nominated, and who will vote for her in the general election. Even we don’t trust her.

I’ve said it myself, and like so many others, I’ve not been very good at explaining that apparent cognitive dissonance to myself, much less others. Some have referenced her e-mail issues. Others cite the long-standing contention that this former First Lady, former Senator, former Secretary of State filters everything she says through focus groups and consultants. And some claim it’s because she’s had so many controversies in her history (none of which have stuck, by the way), ranging from the Whitewater affair to Benghazi, that where there is so much smoke, there must be fire (in fairness, we need to consider that much of that smoke has been the result of friction intentionally produced by detractors of both her and her husband).

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