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Dad, Son, Brother, Writer/Author, Indivisible, Democrat, Committed to an improved society for all. Political junkie, New Englandophile, world class curmudgeon

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  • commented on Elizabeth Warren Just Keeps Fighting 2018-03-14 19:40:12 -0500
    Following last night’s  election results it has occurred to me that this is a three way victory for the Dem’s.

    First off, they poured tons and tons of political and actual capital into this race, despite the fact that the district will in all likelihood be gone after the court ordered redistricting to eliminate the blatant GOP gerrymandering. 

    Second, Conor Lamb has given the Democratic Party a template, a political road map if you will to win elections in heavily Republican areas. What that man did last night and into this morning in winning this election was nothing short of miraculous. Speaker Ryan’s remarks of Trump’s presence narrowing the margin by which they lost to the contrary.  The GOP sent Pence, Ryan,  Trump’s daughter Ivanka Don Jr. and the President himself. Many commentators seem to feel that Trump’s presence there was detrimental to the election. Don Jr. even went so far as to wear a hair net and be photographed in it. I have to say on his behalf that required a certain amount of courage. Or a complete lack of shame-not sure which was the case.

    And thirdly, it showed that the GOP has some major problems. They, of course, knew that, but now everyone else does as well. Especially Democrats who needed the booster shot for their morale. 

    For whatever amount of time Conor Lamb serves, whether he gains re-election or not, he’s done the party a huge favor and we all owe him a big thank you for that.

  • signed Stop Voter Suppression Now 2018-02-02 06:16:03 -0600

    Stop Voter Suppression Now!

    ballot box

    The McHenry County Clerk has decided to eliminate dozens of polling locations in 2018, presumably in an attempt to save money. The Clerk has not provided evidence that this plan will save any money at all, but it will definitely make it harder for thousands of citizens to vote. As many as 10 precincts are being crammed into one location. Parking will be at a premium at many of the consolidated locations, especially for elderly and disabled voters. The right to vote is the most important right we have as American citizens. We must not allow a bureaucrat to jeopardize our ability to participate in American democracy.


    To: Mary McClellan, McHenry County Clerk

    The right to vote is the most important right we have as American citizens. The current plan to eliminate a large portion of the polling places in McHenry County is a threat to our democracy. We believe that cramming up to 10 precincts into one polling location, and moving many precincts to unfamiliar and inconvenient venues, will result in the disenfranchisement of thousands of McHenry County citizens, especially the elderly and disabled who will be the most inconvenienced by these drastic changes. Please cancel or delay this ill-advised and untested plan.

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Democratic Party of McHenry County