What does a Precinct Committeeman do?

How do I become a Precinct Committeeman? What are the responsibilities of being a Precinct Committeeman? How much work is involved?

Precinct Committeemen are elected to a two-year term in each even-year primary election.

In order to run for election to the post of Precinct Committeeman, you must circulate a petition and obtain at least 10 valid signatures from eligible electors in your home precinct. If elected, you will serve a two-year term. Vacancies may also be filled by appointment from the County Chair.

If elected, you will represent the Democrats in your precinct at the biennial County Convention to elect the county party’s Chair and executive officers. You will be casting a weighted vote, based on the number of Democratic ballots cast in your precinct in the primary election.


  • Attend Democratic Central Committee meetings.
  • Become a voter registrar and recruit new voters.
  • Appoint and fill vacancies of election judges for your precinct's polling location.
  • Circulate petitions for candidates prior to the primary.
  • Canvass your precinct in support of our candidates.
  • Promote early voting and absentee voting.
  • Recruit poll watchers for election day and early voting.
  • Identify potential financial supporters and new party members.
  • Be an advocate for the interests of the voters in your precinct.

How much work is it?

Most local Precinct Committeemen devote about 5-6 hours per month to party activities (including attending meetings). During the last few months before an election, many Committeemen will work a lot more hours, but there is no minimum requirement. We expect only what you can give. Ideally, a Committeeman would canvass their home precinct at least twice over a six-month period during campaign season. The amount of time necessary to do that will vary by precinct, but it averages about 40 hours to cover a precinct twice.

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