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  • Event tickets

    We're glad you are coming! Thanks for supporting the activities of the Democratic Party of McHenry County.


  • Campaign Season is Here!

    63 DAYS! If you haven't picked up your walk lists or pledge cards - please contact Kristina. You hitting your neighbor makes THE difference.  Thank you for all you do. 


    Shout out to PRs who have sent out thank you notes to their voters and are working toward building their precincts. It is this kind of grassroots that will make us stronger. If you have NOT sent yours - it is NOT too late.


  • Thank you Denise for your continued support and awesomeness!

  • I have received a couple of calls this morning from folks taking advantage of early voting who were conflicted about what ballot to pull. You see, here in McHenry County, we have so little choice that many cross party lines and pull a Republican ballot in order to have a say between the lesser of two evils.
    This practice has to stop. If we want choice, we need to start identifying ourselves to each other as Democrats and grow our base. The first step is to go vote in the primary and pull a Democratic ballot. There are more of us than you think, but if we continue to hide we will continue to not attract and grow candidates that really reflect our values. Be part of the change!

  • Another Take

  • McHenry County Clerk Candidates

    In reading this morning's Northwest Herald article on the two Republican candidates battling for the county clerk's position, I am struck by the contrast. In particular, I am concerned by current County Board member Nick Provenzano's statement to the Editorial Board “One of my guiding principles will be, what are other counties doing?” I would hope the next county clerk would have their own vision for what the office should and could be doing to better serve the people, rather than only taking cues on what our neighbors are doing.

  • Paul Simon, Our Bow-tie Guy

    Many years ago, I had the privilege to work for the Honorable Paul Simon. He was an amazing man and attracted an amazing group of people to work with and for him. His legacy of integrity, commitment to finding common ground, civility, and service continues in the many former staffers who currently serve our State and around our nation. 

    This month is the 85th anniversary of Paul's birth and the 25th anniversary of his campaign for the Presidency. If your schedule permits, I hope you can join me, the Simon family, alumni of Paul's office and other supporters of the Simon Institute for a celebration benefiting the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute. Information is below. 

    Thank you for helping to continue his mission for the next generation of caring, dedicated, and honest leaders.  I hope to see you Monday!

    Best wishes,


  • WE NEED YOU! 11/20/13

    We still have local candidates who need our help in getting signatures.

    Please attend the Party Meeting on November 20th @ McHenry County College to sign petitions for the 52nd District candidate Bill Downs and Congressional District 14th candidate Dennis Anderson. Not sure if you are in either District? Check out  or ask us and we will help you.

    After signing, you can stay for a movie hosted by the McHenry County College Democrats.

    Do your part to make a difference, show up, sign up.

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