Mary Margaret Maule for County Board

I wanted to thank everyone for coming to what was a tremendously successful event last Thursday. Thank you so very much. 

I decided to run for county board because I believe that order to have the community you desire- you need to show up and do you part. Sometime, you just need to show up and pick up the rope and pulling to bring your dream of community into a reality. I believe in a community where everyone has the opportunity to live up to their greatest potential  and where we as  community benefits from that potential. A community where small businesses have the tools necessary to build strong vibrant companies and hire their neighbors. A community that cares for those who need help and helps them to rebuild and become a part of that vibrant community.

 A community that recognizes the sacrifices of those who have fought for our country and come home to find themselves still fighting for jobs and services. A community where workers can expect a fair wage for a honest days work and where people know the quality of that work because of the training and oversight of organized labor.

 We are facing a critical election this November. Despite the public dialogue about wanting new voices on the county board– our county again is facing the potential of more of the same.  

I believe we have every thing we need to be that county right here and right now. We have the skills amongst us to build businesses and put our citizens back to work and ourselves back on the path to a bright future.

But it won’t happen with more of the same. It won’t happen unless we make it happen. Unless we, together, convince our neighbors and get them out to vote.  To become involved in the future of their county by choosing to say “NO!” to more of the same and Yes to the people of our community. 

Thank you for your support. I truly appreciate it. 

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