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The Democratic Party of McHenry County is hitting the ground running!

Come out and see our new office space, then spend an hour or two to canvas or call for the coordinated campaign helping all our candidates.  2022 N Richmond Rd, McHenry, IL  We need you to win.


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JB for Governor Henry 815-616-2041

Democratic Party of McHenry County 847-790-4DEM

Is a Smaller County Board Enough?

When is enough enough...

McH Co BoardThe Democratic Party of McHenry County (DPMC) has been calling for a reduction in the size of the County Board for over 10 years, and on July 31st, the McHenry County Board’s Republican-controlled Ad Hoc Committee on Governmental Consolidation finally made a small but important step toward that goal. Their recommendation would reduce the board to 18 members from its current 24 member size. However, there is no mention of how many districts should be formed, nor how many members would represent each district.  Read more at McHenry County Board to vote on term-limit referendums | Northwest Herald

“I’ve been out talking to voters and they are overwhelmingly in favor of a smaller board and more transparency in government," said Kelli Wegener, Democratic candidate for the County Board for District 3.  "...having one board member per district and smaller districts would lead to better representation.  Board members would be able to get to know more of their constituents and, in turn, those constituents would know just who their board member is when they have a concern.” What is really needed is not just fewer members but single-member districts.

McHenry HS 156 Reaches Out

Community Engagement Forums Announced

Do you live in McHenry High School District 156?  Here is your opportunity to learn about your school district and provide feedback to the school board and administration.  The Board of Education is holding a series of community engagement forums to provide information regarding their academic progress, financial status, and challenges they face as a school community.  The first two are scheduled for:

  • Wednesday, August 8th at 6:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, August 11th at 10:00 a.m.

Both forums will be held at McHenry High School West Campus Auditorium, 4724 W. Crystal Lake Road, McHenry.

Be involved, get the facts, and provide your feedback at these important meetings.  Don't forget - school board elections are April 2, 2019!

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