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Good government is everyone’s business.

The time we have been waiting for is NOW!

Dear Fellow McHenry County Dems and Friends,

It's here. The applications for Vote-by-Mail ballots are available and being returned.  The ballots will begin to go out September 24th.  Now is the time to take action!

Turn up to turn out. Are you doing everything you can to get out the vote?  We need you!

  • Contact us to get plugged into opportunities to help.  We are phone banking, mailing, passing literature.  We are talking (virtually) to our friends and neighbors.  Email and let us know how you can help.
  • Apply now for your Vote by Mail ballot
  • Contact us if you would like to serve by being an Election Judge or Poll Watcher. 
  • Contact us if you would like to have signs.

Run for something! The next election is right around the corner, and it is also a critical one.  The municipal elections are in the spring of 2021, and petition passing has already begun for some offices.  Make a difference in your own community by running for City Council, Village Trustee or Clerk, Township Trustee, School Board, Library Board, Park District Board, Fire District Trustee…  There are many, many places your voice can make all our lives better.  Reach out to to get more information.

When former Vice President Joe Biden announced Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate, the surge of excitement was palpable. You could feel the energy and enthusiasm for our ticket throughout the successful convention.  That enthusiasm must be carried to our entire ticket of great local candidates, and to the future elections as well.  Everyone must be an Active Democrat. This means voting early in-person, or turning in your mail-in ballot early, helping turn-out the Democratic vote and running for office.

Every Democrat, everywhere counts!  Stay safe. Thank you for all you do.


Kristina Zahorik
Chair, Democratic Party of McHenry County


Our nation's founders recognized that without constant vigilance, it would be all too easy for those in power to pervert our democracy for their own ends. It is up to us to resist that perversion and to show the way toward "a more perfect union" as promised in the preamble to our Constitution.

The Democratic Party of McHenry County is dedicated to the task of making our democracy serve the people. It is in our own enlightened self-interest to promote greater participation in the political process and to encourage all voices to be heard. Our mission is to help elect Democrats to public office, especially at the local level.

If you want to make a difference, there's no better place to start than right here in McHenry County, Illinois. We invite you to join us.

The Democratic Party of McHenry County