We Need You to Win November 6th

You can make a difference this election...

...right here in your own county by being a part of the Coordinated Campaign effort.

The Blue Wave is swelling across the nation, fed every day by outrage over attacks on our democracy and on our families. We can turn the wave into a tsunami that sweeps McHenry County with it. 

More than anything else it takes people to create the wave which will turn the tide here and across the country. We will need a high turnout and every likely Democratic vote in November in order to win.  We cannot leave any potential voter behind.

What can you do?  We have identified 60 precincts critical to our success in November.  Each weekend groups of volunteers will be targeting a few of these precincts looking for voters who are receptive to our message until we cover all 60 precincts.  We need you to join with others and go (in pairs with a fellow volunteer) door-to-door listening to our neighbors about the issues they care about and sharing information about our candidates.  It doesn't take much time - just a couple of hours. It doesn't take any experience - we will train you.  It doesn't take your resources - we will give you everything you need.  You have nothing to lose and we have everything to gain. This effort will impact whether McHenry County rides the 2018 Democratic Blue Wave or continues to be a red desert.

Twenty volunteers are needed each Saturday and Sunday from now until Sept. 9.  The shifts are Saturdays at 10 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, and Sundays at 1 and 3 pm.  If you can bring a friend, a spouse, a neighbor, to be your partner.  If you have a favorite candidate that you are supporting, that's great!  You can spread the word about them and help other Democrats at the same time.

Be the change! Get involved! The time is now. We have great local and statewide candidates, but they need our help to get the job done.  Commit at least 2 hours to bring the Blue Wave crashing through McHenry County.  Go to our Events webpage to sign up.  

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