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Great news for all of you who would like to volunteer for the DNC Convention in Chicago this summer: The official application to volunteer at the Democratic National Convention this summer is now live!  You can sign up here >>

Nominating conventions are essential to the democratic process and volunteering is an excellent way to do your civic duty and help showcase all that Chicago has to offer!  Here are some FAQs about volunteering for the DNC Convention.

When is the convention going to be held?  

  • August 19-22, 2024

What kinds of things do they need volunteers to do?

  • Volunteer assignments include, but are not limited to, greeting guests, giving directions, assisting with event check-in, serving as ushers, providing transportation for credentialed guests and dignitaries, and much more.

What are the qualifications for volunteers?

  • Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age or older, and able to pass a background screening.

How do I apply?

Sign up here >> You can also use the below QR code. Do it soon because applications close on July 1st, 2024.  In the drop-down menu under "Organization" please put "Democratic Party of McHenry County".


One copy of this credential must be filled out for EACH precinct you will be visiting. If you leave the precinct and return later, you may be asked to present a NEW copy of the credential, so make sure you have enough copies for your needs during the day.

Being a Precinct Committeeperson (PC) is the most important role in the Democratic Party of McHenry County.  We are the "boots on the ground", charged with getting out the Democratic vote and electing Democrats up and down the ballot.  It's a highly customizable role, we do it together, we have fun, and you won't meet a nicer group of people.

It's actually an elective office.  PC's are elected for a two-year term in the March primary election in even-numbered years, and may also be appointed by the party chair if no one is elected.  

Here's the complete description of the role.  If you'd like to learn more please reach out to our party's vice chair at [email protected] or 815-596-0892.


 ILDCCA Virtual Training Series on YouTube
 Free campaign training for every Democratic candidate.
NPG Van Candidate Training 




Two important takeaways that all campaigns should know:

  1. Any committee that makes an expenditure for any kind of communication directed at voters and mentioning the name of a candidate in the next upcoming election must ensure that the communication clearly identifies the committee as having paid for it. This disclosure is not required if the item is too small to contain it (like a button).

    Using the phrase "Paid for by Committee Name" on all your material - such as signs, walk pieces, websites, flyers, etc. - will satisfy this requirement.

  2. All political committees must include specific language on all literature and advertisements that solicit funds. If you are asking for donations on a fundraiser flyer, on a fundraising email or letter, or have a donate button in an email or on your website, the following must be included: “A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the Board’s official website ( or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.”

The above applies even if you have not reached the $5,000 raised or spent level that requires you to report to the Illinois State Board of Elections.

A PC Petition form can be downloaded and printed from here.
A PC Petition form that you can fill out online can be downloaded here.
A PC Statement of Candidacy Form that you can fill out online can be downloaded here.
The optional loyalty oath can be found here.

Do not circulate petitions until September 5, 2023.  You may fill the upper portion out on your computer, or print and fill it out by hand.  Instructions and tips are at ABC's of Petitions on this site.  Here are some of the basics:

PCs need a minimum of 10 signatures but get at least 15.
Signers should sign with the same name and form that they are registered to vote with.
Signers need to be registered voters who live in your precinct.
They should sign with pen…not pencil. Let’s keep honest people honest.
What you need is their signature! The rest of the information can be added by the circulator, however it is better to have signers enter their own address.
The circulator MUST witness signatures themselves.
Per the State Board of Elections, standard abbreviations may be used in writing the voter’s address.
You may pre-fill County (and the City if your precinct is located in one city) to save time.
Avoid ditto marks!
Yes, you can sign your own petition. However, if you are a notary, do not notarize a petition that contains your own signature.

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