Recommended Candidates

Find our recommended candidates here!


There are many races on the ballot for the April 4th Consolidated Election. We have listed ONLY those races which are contested and where we have a recommendation. These are just recommendations, not endorsements. The candidates recommended by the Democratic Party of McHenry County are indicated with a filled circle in the sample ballot shown below (click on the graphic to open the document). In some cases, there are more recommended candidates than seats. Official write-in candidates are indicated as well, but remember, you must write out your choices on the ballot. Polling places are required to post write-in candidate lists. We recommend only those write-in candidates indicated with a filled circle. Notice that there are races where we recommend candidates NOT be elected. Those names are struck out. Incumbents are indicated in bold.

Remember - it is perfectly acceptable to vote for only the candidates you prefer.  You don't have to vote for the number indicated (e.g., when it says Vote for 3, you can vote for 1 or 2 - or none at all).



The Democratic Party of McHenry County