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Learn how to mount winning campaigns. We offer classes in targeted canvassing, voter file management, fundraising, and more.

Democrats and Republicans really are different. It really does matter who wins, because our community and our nation are guided by the decisions made by human beings called politicians. Those politicians start out as candidates, and they are elected by other human beings who vote based on the limited information they have about the candidates. It's far from a perfect process, as evidenced by the last presidential election.

If we want a world shaped by our progressive values of equality of opportunity, respect for diversity, and justice for all humankind, then we must live our values. We must choose to fight for what we believe. And that means some of us must run for office, and the rest of us must be prepared to support those who run. In order to be successful, it's imperative that we do it with intelligence and proper grounding in the methods that are proven to work.

Our training classes are designed for candidates, precinct committeepersons, election judges and volunteers at the local level. The methods are the same ones used by the well-financed national campaigns, except that we know you are not running TV ads 24/7 and holding massive rallies. You are talking to voters one at a time, door to door. That's the reality of local politics.

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