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It's available now! Click here to find out more about the Application to Vote by Mail. 

Vote by Mail Application



Click on the box to fill out the application for a vote by mail ballot!

How do I arrange to Vote BMail, also known as VBM?

The first step for voting by mail is to request a ballot by 
filling out an application, then submitting it to the McHenry County Clerk.  Click on the box above to fill out the online application.  Print it out, sign and date it.  This is very important!  Then:

  • Mail it to the McHenry County Clerk, 2200 N. Seminary Ave., Woodstock, IL  60098 so that it is received no later than 5 days before election day.  For the June 28, 2022 election, it must be received by June 23, 2022, OR
  • Scan and email the application to [email protected] by June 23, OR
  • Personally deliver the application to the Woodstock office, also no later than June 23.  Dropbox locations are shown under "Early Voting".
  • You must fill in your NEW PRECINCT on the form. The County Clerk has remapped the precincts (and other jurisdictions have been remapped too), so be sure to check your precinct by going to the Are You Registered? question on this page below.  Checking your registration will give you all your District Information!
  • Remember to request a DEMOCRATIC ballot on the VBM application.

When can I request (apply for) a VBM ballot?

Good news! Registered voters can file an application online right nowIf you live in McHenry County, apply by clicking on the box above. 

When will I receive my VBM ballot?

Thursday, May 19th is the first day for the Clerk's office to mail VBM ballots. After May 19th, the McHenry County Clerk must mail it to you within two business days of receiving the application. They are also asking you to allow 5 days for the USPS to deliver your ballot. We recommend mailing your application as soon as possible to be sure you receive your ballot before election day.

What if I get a VBM ballot and then decide I want to vote in person?

Just bring your VBM ballot and envelope to your polling place once in-person voting begins, return them to an election judge, and request a regular ballot to vote then and there. Easy! Having the VBM ballot in hand before the polls are open for in-person voting, ensures that if you’d rather not leave home, you can still vote. Remember we need your vote!

If I do decide I want to mail in or drop off my VBM ballot, what’s the deadline?

Vote by mail ballots must be returned or postmarked no later than election day, June 28th. VBM ballots can be returned by either the voter or any person authorized by the voter, or by a licensed delivery company. Ballots can be delivered to a dropbox or to the Clerk's office prior to the polls closing at 7 pm.  If mailed, they must be postmarked by June 28th and received by the County Clerk by July 12th.

A dropbox is installed at:

McHENRY COUNTY ADMINISTRATION BUILDING - 667 Ware Rd., Woodstock - Ballot Drop Box Available 24 hrs in the parking lot.

Additionally, there are drop boxes available inside the voting room of the following early voting locations.  Note:  NOT ALL EARLY VOTING LOCATIONS WILL HAVE A DROPBOX FOR VBM BALLOTS!  Please see the Q&A "EARLY VOTING" for exact locations and hours.

  • Algonquin Township Office
  • Lake in the Hills Village Hall
  • McHenry Township Office
  • McHenry City Hall

What if there's a problem with my VBM ballot when the county clerk receives it?

The county clerk is required to notify you of any problems with your ballot within 48 hours of receiving it.

What if I requested a VBM ballot but don't receive it by Election Day?

Go to your polling place on Election Day.  Ask to fill out an affidavit stating that you never received the VBM ballot.  You can then vote.  REFUSE TO VOTE PROVISIONALLY.

What if I returned a VBM ballot to the Clerk but they have not received it by Election Day?

Go to your polling place on Election Day.  Ask to fill out an affidavit stating that you returned the VBM ballot and the election authority did not receive it.  You can then vote.  REFUSE TO VOTE PROVISIONALLY.

What if I still have questions about VBM?

You can email the Democratic Party of McHenry County at [email protected] or call us at 847-906-1559

VBM Tips

Do not initial the ballot.

It is ok to undervote, which means to leave a question blank or to only vote for one candidate even though you can vote for two. Your ballot will still count. For example, if there is no Democrat running or there is only one Democrat running, only vote for the Democratic candidate. 

Sign your name as you signed it when you registered to vote. 

Make sure your envelope is sealed!

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