Karim Campaign Kickoff Fundraiser

Amin Karim for Treasurer
Campaign Kickoff Fundraiser

A call for candidates went out, and Amin Karim answered the call. Thirty years of corporate experience building teams, dealing with budgets, finance, vendor management, supply chain management, and process improvements qualified him for the Treasurer's office. But running a campaign is very new to him. He did his homework, took the training and now he's ready to begin his run.  He is looking for volunteers and looking for funding.

Two friends volunteered to host Amin Kamir's Campaign Kickoff Fundraiser at Holzlager Brewing Company in Woodstock.  Please join them in helping Amin get off to a good start.

A county-wide campaign requires a lot of funds for printing, postage, and advertising.  Please support him at the highest level you can so that he makes it over the finish line!

  • Supporter - $20
  • Advocate  - $50
  • Ally - $75
  • Backer - $100
  • Patron - $250+

Besides great locally brewed beer, Holzlinger serves non-alcohol beer, hard selzers and rose at the cash bar.  


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