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Belinda Baxter

Belinda Baxter

My name is Belinda Baxter and I am your Democratic precinct committee person for McHenry County district 2, precinct Algonquin 4. I have stepped up to do more to support our Democratic views and candidates.

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  • rsvped for Vacancies in Nomination Slating Meeting 2024-04-15 22:03:21 -0500

    Vacancies in Nomination Slating Meeting

    Vacancy in Nomination

    Calling all elected and appointed PC's!  A special meeting is being called to fill vacancies on the ballot.

    Nominations in vacancies occur when no Democrat files in the primary for a race. In this situation, our DPMC CC Constitution (which can be found on our website) requires that any candidate who wishes to be slated present their credentials to the Executive Board.  The Board then votes to make a recommendation to nominate to the Central Committee. All individuals recommended by the Executive Board for caucus shall appear before the Central Committee, whose members shall decide by a majority of the weighted vote who shall be nominated for office.

    Following this procedure, the Executive Board has met and will make recommendations to the Central Committee for nomination.  A special meeting has been set for Tuesday, April 30th at 7:00pm for this purpose. At the start of the meeting, the Oath of Office will be administered to any elected or appointed PC's in attendance who require it.

    Because a quorum is required, it is of the utmost importance that Precinct Committeepersons be in attendance at this meeting.  Please RSVP to let us know if we will achieve a quorum.


    April 30, 2024 at 7:00pm
    McHenry County College
    8900 Northwest Hwy
    Conference Center
    Crystal Lake, IL 60014
    United States
    Google Map & Directions

  • signed Stop Voter Suppression Now 2018-02-28 05:39:05 -0600

    Stop Voter Suppression Now!

    ballot box

    The McHenry County Clerk has decided to eliminate dozens of polling locations in 2018, presumably in an attempt to save money. The Clerk has not provided evidence that this plan will save any money at all, but it will definitely make it harder for thousands of citizens to vote. As many as 10 precincts are being crammed into one location. Parking will be at a premium at many of the consolidated locations, especially for elderly and disabled voters. The right to vote is the most important right we have as American citizens. We must not allow a bureaucrat to jeopardize our ability to participate in American democracy.

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