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On Tuesday, April 23rd, McHenry County Democrats, in partnership with IL Veterans for Change, were excited to launch the McHenry County Democrats Veteran Committee!

During the meeting, we previewed two upcoming fundraisers: one on May 20th in Springfield (see attached flyer), hosted by the AFL-CIO, and another on August 20th during the DNC, hosted by Senator Duckworth. Both events aim to raise funds for a general election campaign targeting persuadable voters and showcasing the Democratic party as the champions of Veterans, the military, and democracy – the party of patriotism. We're thrilled to have McHenry Democrats join in these efforts!

Additionally, the committee discussed ways to support local democratic candidates, such as through veteran issue education, and the possibility of having Veteran representation at McHenry County Democratic events, like the county fair.

Lastly, and most excitingly, the committee voted to open its doors to friends, family, and supporters of the Veteran community. Our next meeting will be on May 21st at 7 pm. If you're interested in getting involved, please reach out!


Jesse Rojo
Chair, Illinois Veterans for Change
Cell: 503-840-2209


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