How much money does the local party raise and spend?

I understand that the county party doesn’t get any financial support from the state or national Democratic Party. So I want to know how we support our local activities. Where does our money come from, and what do we spend it on?

Most of our support comes from our local members and friends of the Democratic Party. Our biggest fund-raising event is the annual Thomas Jefferson Dinner. We also depend on direct financial support from people like you. If you'd like to become a one-time or monthly donor, visit our donation page.

Our largest expense is candidate support activities such as:

  • Direct mail and postage
  • Internet advertising
  • Phone banking
  • Training
  • Events

While our fundraising and expenses vary from year to year (we raise and spend more in even-numbered years with Fall elections), we typically raise and spend over $20,000 per year. Like all state and local political organizations, the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee files quarterly reports (called D-2’s) with the State Board of Elections. These reports itemize our receipts and expenditures, similar to a tax return. These reports are public information, and you can view them on the State Board's website.

The Democratic Party of McHenry County