Hultgren shows his true colors

Every once in a while, this current administration really lets us know who they are. They often cloak their intentions with flowery mistruths. They call the tax plan a savior for the middle class when it obviously favors corporations and the 1 percent and does nothing to affect the real issues that most of us deal with: jobs, college, health care, clean water, strong infrastructure.

Well, they showed their true colors when they spent time, money and effort to remove a ban that prevented bringing elephant trophies into the United States. I mean, really think about who would even care about this and who it would affect. Forget for a moment that elephants are endangered and exist on another continent. I mean, with all the legitimate issues we as Americans, to have this administration spend time and energy on this yet could not hold one public hearing on the tax plan because they want to market it as a Christmas gift. But it gives us a real clear look into this administration and who they really are concerned about.

This is the administration that our guy Rep. Randy Hultgren backs and with the support of the same people. About 74 percent of the money Hultgren takes in to his coffers comes from outside his district, according to the Center for Responsive Politics’ Open Secrets, and the parallel is plain to see. They serve the big-money boys who support them.

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