Run for Office

We can help you get your campaign off to the right start

If you want to run for office but you don't know how to get started, we can help. We can guide you through the legal filing requirements and get you connected with volunteers, donors and campaign advisors. We provide classroom instruction on how to use voter data for smarter targeting, and even how to talk to voters.

  • 101 Steps to VictoryCampaigns are won by candidates — not yard signs, secret plans or fancy consultants.
  • The best candidate usually wins, given adequate funding. Your candidacy is defined by how prepared you are, how focused you are and how you conduct yourself over the course of your campaign.
  • Many candidates can’t articulate a compelling reason for running. Focus first on why you are running and then turn your attention to how you are going to win.
  • You will need to raise money. Asking for financial support is the one thing every candidate hates, but you cannot win without money for voter contact. You have to budget for direct mail, canvassing supplies, signs and digital media. The money won't come easy, but you can improve your results with the right approach.

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The Democratic Party of McHenry County