About District 6

County Board District D6County Board District 6 covers the entire western half of McHenry County. Nine of the county's 17 townships lie completely within District 6. The district is mostly rural or semi-rural. The major municipalities in the district include Harvard and Marengo, and parts of Huntley, Wonder Lake and Woodstock.

cows in fieldResidents of District 6 generally support maintaining the agricultural way of life in the rural areas of the district. Water conservation, storm water runoff, and preservation of open space are top concerns in the district. The county's comprehensive land use planning document, the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) is the main guidance for future land use and development. There can be tension between farmers and environmentalists in the district. Farmers want to preserve their property rights, including the right to sell their land to developers, while environmentalists fear that development will threaten open space and ground water quality.

Cathy Johnson Gardening

Cathy Johnson

District 6 Chair for the Democratic Party.

District 6 Precinct Committeemen

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