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Regional Superintendent Question

Oh boy, if your scratching your head on the wording of the Regional Superintendent question on the ballot its because 24 County Board members decided to amend the original referendum question in open session......in other words making sausage.

Your vote counts

When you stay home, someone else makes your decisions for you.
So if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, vote.


A warning from Alexander Hamilton

Alexander HamiltonThe truth unquestionably is, that the only path to a subversion of the republican system of the Country is, by flattering the prejudices of the people, and exciting their jealousies and apprehensions, to throw affairs into confusion, and bring on civil commotion. Tired at length of anarchy, or want of government, they may take shelter in the arms of monarchy for repose and security.

Those then, who resist a confirmation of public order, are the true Artificers of monarchy—not that this is the intention of the generality of them. Yet it would not be difficult to lay the finger upon some of their party who may justly be suspected.

Hoyer: we must show courage

This is the transcript of the speech given on Dec. 18, 2019 by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer prior to the impeachment vote.

Madam Speaker, I have had the honor of serving in this house for over 38 years. I’ve served during six presidencies.

I’ve been here through moments of tremendous progress and terrible tragedy. I have seen periods of rank partisanship and patriotic bipartisanship. I’ve seen our two-party system work. And I’ve seen it break down. Never in all my years of serving in this great institution that I love and the people of my district did I ever expect to encounter such an obvious wrongdoing by a president of the United States.steny-hoyer.jpg

Nor did I expect to witness such a craven rationalization of presidential actions that should put our national security at risk, undermine the integrity of our elections, and defied the constitutional authority of the Congress to conduct oversight.

We’ve heard from Republicans that this impeachment really has to do with policy differences though on how we feel personally about the president, about his temperament or that we simply dislike him. Throughout the Trump presidency, Democrats have resisted pursuing impeachment even as we watched with dismay and disgust at a pattern of wrongdoing.

That pattern included ordering federal agencies to lie to the public firing the FBI director for refusing to end investigations of his campaign. Siding with Vladimir Putin against our intelligence agencies. Taking funding away from the military to put towards an ineffective border wall. And setting policies that have led to the separation of families and caging of children.

Impeachment vs. Winning

First, up front, let me state that this is a personal opinion and not an approved position of the local Democratic Party.  We Democrats are in a quandary over the impeachment question and understandably.  The question on whether to impeach the current President of the United States is one of the those cases in which something is obviously justified, but just as obviously wrong. 

Good Government

We are besieged on a daily basis by the narrative of the Republican Party that all government is bad bad bad and can't do anything right.  I believe people are susceptible to this spin because they are unaware of all the task government does do.  At a recent Committee of the Whole meeting, Chairman Jack Franks highlighted a feature on the County's web site that addresses this issue.

Talkin' Fair Tax

Former Gubernatorial candidate Daniel Biss addressed the Democratic Party of McHenry County's Central Committee this past Wednesday on the progressive tax legislation which recently passed the Illinois legislature.  The legislation calls for a referendum to be placed on the ballot for the November 2020 election.

How Many Precincts?

County Clerk Joe Tirio has proposed splitting four existing Precincts to create four new ones pursuant to IL Statute 10 ILCS 5/11-3.  The question is how he targeted these four Precincts and why now?

District 3 Meet the Democrats

Join District 3 and 4 meeting local and state candidates planning to be on the 2020 ballot and watch the Democratic Presidential Debates Wednesday, June 26th & Thursday June 27th @ 7 pm. 

With so many Democratic Presidential candidates running to be the nominee, the candidates will be divided between two nights, so join us both nights!

Order off the menu.

RSVP to this event to attend Wednesday night's Democratic Presidential Debate.

Hosted by PC Terry Kappel 

June 26, 2019 at 7pm - 10pm
Buddy's Pizza
1138 N Green St
McHenry, IL 60050
United States
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Terry Kappel · mchenry32@mchenrydems.org · 815-669-7983

John's Blog - Culvert Infrastructure

We are hearing a lot in the local press about the sad state of our infrastructure here in Illinois. So high kudos are in order to the City of Crystal Lake for its Culvert Improvement Project.

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