John's Blog - Where's the Sample Ballots

State Statute requires County Clerk to have Sample Ballots for the upcoming Consolidated Election available on February 21, 2019.  However, if you go to the McHenry County Clerk's (Joe Tirio) web site you will find.......NO SAMPLE BALLOT.  

You would think that under the title, "Precinct Finder and Sample Ballots" there would be such information,  You can click on "Elections" which pops up the heading "NOTICE OF CONSOLIDATED ELECTION," which if you click (no indication that that you should) you will get a list of offices up for election.  Click on the next title (once again no indication you should)  and will will get the entire list of candidates for City, Village, Park, Library and Fire Districts.  Click on the next title (you guessed it no indication you should) and you get a list of candidates for school boards.  But a Sample Ballot for your address.....nowhere to be found.

So what about Early Voting.  Scroll down to "ELECTION CALENDAR AT A GLANCE,"  and will will find that February 21st is the, "first day for early voting at the office of the election authority or at a location designated by the election authority."  However, if you click on "COUNTY CLERK ANNOUNCES EARLY VOTING"  the site only lists times and locations starting March 18th, no mention of any site for a February 21st date.  Hopefully those Sample Ballots will be available at the polling locations!

So, am I being picky, is this just a rookie mistake by new County Clerk, Joe Tirio, soft voter suppression, etc.  However, for the voters of District 2 this is not good news.  The Consolidated Election hits closest to home, school boards and city offices are up for election so not having a sample ballot makes it even harder to assess the candidates and plan your vote.  I for one do not want this lack of attention to detail carrying over into 2020.  Clerk Joe Tirio must do better.

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