District 2 News

John's Blog - Culvert Infrastructure

We are hearing a lot in the local press about the sad state of our infrastructure here in Illinois. So high kudos are in order to the City of Crystal Lake for its Culvert Improvement Project.

John's Blog - It's a WRAP

I can think of no other issue as important to the residents of District 2, or for that matter the entire County, than water.  Water in all its forms: groundwater, stormwater, flooding, runoff, etc. is of crucial importance to the health and economy of McHenry County.   

John's Blog - Valley Hi Rebate

As you may know, the McHenry County Board is considering what to do with a reserve fund surplus at the County operated Valley Hi Nursing Home.  Options under consideration include a one-time rebate to selected property taxpayers.

John's Blog - Sample Ballots Available

County Clerk Joe Tirio has posted the Sample Ballot locator on the County Clerk's web site.  You can find a link to the Sample Ballot on the Democratic Party web site.  Better late than never.

John's Blog - Where's the Sample Ballots

State Statute requires County Clerk to have Sample Ballots for the upcoming Consolidated Election available on February 21, 2019.  However, if you go to the McHenry County Clerk's (Joe Tirio) web site you will find.......NO SAMPLE BALLOT.  

Casten, Underwood Town Hall Meeting

After years of waiting for former Representatives Roskam and Hultgren to hold a Town Hall Meeting, our newly elected 6th and 14th District Representatives Casten and Underwood did just that.  

John's Blog

Welcome to the first posting of John's Blog.  Your District 2 Chair is an avowed news junkie, so I thought is was about time I shared my musing, thought and insights on the overlooked news of the day.  I will try to target my posts with a relevancy toward the citizens of District 2, but reserve the right to wander into State and National politics. 


Roskam Hultgren No Shows

The League of Women Voters hosted a candidate forum at McHenry County College Monday night for candidates running in the 6th and 14th Congressional Districts.  Both incumbent Congressman Roskam and Congressman Hultgren were no shows.  Congressman Hultgren declined the request to attend and Congressman Roskam did not have the courtesy to respond. 

Sean Casten, Democrat candidate 6th Congressional District and Lauren Underwood, candidate 14th Congressional District provided detailed and insightful answers to questions ranging from the environment, health care, tax reform, school violence and returning civility to the political arena.  

Voters in District 2 were not given the opportunity to hear an exchange of ides and policies between incumbant and challenger; too bad.


Crisis Adverted (for now)

At the June 14th Committee of the Whole meeting the County Board tabled a Resolution o Authorize Precincts Boundary Adjustments.  The Resolution would have added 117 new voting precincts effective December 1, 2018.  The Resolution never went through a County Board Committee or had any input from the Democratic Party.  The new boundaries would have made precinct work, especially canvassing, more difficult.  It was apparent from discussion that Board Members were completely blindsided by this Resolution, and in the spirit of bipartisanship, Republican Board Members, Democratic Board Member Paula Yensen, and Democratic Party leadership who spoke during public comments, concluded that this Resolution was not properly vented to merit consideration.  County Clerk Mary McClellan, who made the recommendation for boundary changes, was not present to answer the many questions County Board Members had regarding her proposed boundary changes.

However, this issue is not over!  The County will still need to consider the size of precincts to comply with State guidelines.  Toward that end, County Board Chairman Jack Franks proposed a committee consisting of non-elected citizens to make recommendations on precinct boundaries.  The question now is whether this should be accomplished after the Nov. 6th election or whether it should be considered as part of a larger package including information from the 2020 Census, redistricting, and the future size of the County Board.  Stay tuned!









Voter suppression
hits District 2 hardest

Do you know your voting location?  Republican Clerk Mary McClellan, without any consultation or notice to the Democratic Party of McHenry County, has changed 15 Polling Locations in District 2.  The following Precincts are changing Polling Locations for the General Primary Election to be held on March 20th. 

The Democratic Party of McHenry County